Men wanting to pursue a deeper knowledge of scripture and how those truths can be applied to our daily lives meet for discussion and in depth study. 
This group is based on the key principles of learning how to study scripture by asking questions of the text, by observing key words and phrases, and by drawing upon cross references from other parts of scripture to understand our key verses. 
We want to build a community where older men can share their knowledge and insight with young men, and the younger men feel free to ask questions, which provoke thought in the older men to explore new ways of viewing scripture and how it interacts with our world. 
We want to be a group where men can be genuine about their lives, request prayer for themselves and pray specifically for others in the group. 
Please join us in the chapel.
Occasionally, our church is presented with a need in our church family or within the community that requires construction skills and manual labor. Examples of construction projects include: building a wheelchair ramp, repairing a porch, fixing a leaky roof. 
If you have construction skills and a desire to help others who are unable to help themselves in this area, then contact the church office and leave your contact information, area of expertise (carpentry, plumbing, electric, concrete, manual labor, etc.) and we will contact you when the needs are made known to the church.
This is a practical way to get involved in the lives and hearts of those who need a physical expression of Jesus in their lives.