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“But the Holy Spirit will come on you and give you power. You will be my witnesses. You will tell people everywhere about me–in Jerusalem, in the rest of Judea, in Samaria, and in every part of the world”. Acts 1:8
Our Outreach
We Believe that Sedalia is our Jerusalem 
College Ministries – Care packages & other ministry opportunities throughout the year. 
Community Cafe – FBC provides a meal the first Monday of every month. 
Shoe Ministry – Provides shoes for children within the Sedalia School District as needs are identified by school social workers. 
Meals on Wheels – supported financially thru mission budget & with volunteers. 
Open Door Benevolent Ministries – Supported financially through annual mission offering & other fundraisers such as “Souper” Sunday. 
Embassy House – supported by donations and project assistance. 
Other Local Ministries – projects as identified.